Counselling Room1
Counselling Room2
Counselling Room3
Counselling Room4



A series of four illustrations commissioned for a zine dedicated to mental health and well-being, titled 'Do What You Want':


"Do What You Want is a zine about mental health, with all profits going to charities and not-for-profit organisations. With nearly 150 pages of interview, essay and illustration, Do What You Want is a celebration of all aspects of mental wellbeing, from the provision of accessible mental health care to the power of self-belief. With a strong intersectional focus, this is a zine about mental health for all people, in all walks of life. We believe that mental health care and support should be a right for all."

My illustrations accompany an article about counselling, depicting four different counselling rooms, with an emphasis on creating a  calming environment with homely furnishings.


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© 2021 by Jessamy Hawke.