Jessamy has illustrated two published children's books with DK, titled 'Inventors' and 'Explorers.

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'Inventors' - a 144 page children's book illustrated by Jessamy Hawke, written by Robert Winston, and published by DK. 

'Each page is packed with jaw-dropping facts, with every inventor's achievements written as a story. Beautiful illustrations by Jessamy Hawke bring the inventor's stories to life, and fantastic photography highlights the detail of their designs. With incredible hand-painted cross-sections revealing the intricacies of a robotic arm, the first plane, and the printing press, young readers will marvel at being able to see close-up how these amazing machines work. The inventors come from all walks of life and parts of the world, making this the perfect book for every budding inventor.'

'Inventors' by DK is available to buy now - £16.99. Find out more here:

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'Explorers' - a 144 page children's book illustrated by Jessamy Hawke, written by Nellie Huang, and published by DK. 

'Meet famous explorers and adventurers in this exciting non-fiction storybook for children. Venture into steaming jungles in search of lost temples, fight off frostbite in the Arctic, and blast off into space!

'Explorers' documents the trials and hardships of the men and women who rewrote our understanding of the world, and showed us what humans are capable of.'

Explorers will be published on 5 September by DK, £16.99. Find out more here: 

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